"I'd have to eat at Brown Dog a couple of dozen times before I could move
beyond the Detroit pizza - it's that good." - Larry Olmsted   
It's cliche to say you are world famous, but we are.
Brown Dog's pizza was judged as the World's Best Pizza
in the American pan division with a 1st Place finish
at the International Pizza Expo 2013. As well as a
2nd place in the final round of the expo's challenge.
Our menu features Detroit Square Pizza, American
Classic Pizza, Thin Crust Pizza, and a new Sicilian Style
Pizza. In addition, we have Wings, Appetizers, Salads,
Specialty Subs, Burgers, Pasta Dishes and more delicious
items on the menu. Plus gluten free and kids menus.
The story of the Brown Dog is unique as the town of
Telluride itself. Find out more about how the Brown Dog
got it's name, what Detroit styled pizza is, the history
of the restaurant, pizza competitions, who sponsors
the Brown Dog and much more.
Did you leave Telluride without a Brown Dog t-shirt?
We've got you covered. In our store you can purchase
t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers and other logo gear. You
can also buy gift cards for your next visit to Telluride
or as a gift for your friends or family.