Brown Dog
Q: When was the Brown Dog started?

A: The Brown Dog started in 2001 as Pacific Street Pizza. We grew out of that location, and moved to Colorado Avenue (Main Street) as well as changing our name to Brown Dog Pizza in 2004.

Q: Where does the Brown Dog name come from?

A: The distinctive name “Brown Dog” comes from the owners, Dan Lynch and Jeff “Smoke” Smokevitch, having owned chocolate Labrador retrievers–Phlounder and Boone.

Q: Is the Brown Dog really home to the World’s Best Pizza?

A: According to the palates of the 2013 International Pizza Expo judges in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s the best. Jeff Smokevitch received 1st place, garnering the Brown Dog chef the title of World Champion. Taste for yourself the #1 Pan Pizza in the World, it is now featured on Brown Dog’s menu.

Q: Did one of the owners play football at the University of Michigan?

A: Yes, Jeff Smokevitch played football on the 1997 National Championship-winning team. Smoke was teammates with Tom Brady, as well as several other current and former NFL players. They were both in the class of 1999 and played together for 5 years. The ’97 Championship Team is arguably the best class ever in Michigan football history with 10 future NFL players, a Heisman trophy winner, and Super Bowl MVP.

Q: Is the Brown Dog a “Boston” bar?

A: While owner Dan Lynch does not hide the fact his favorite teams are from New England (you can often see him wearing a Red Sox cap), the Brown Dog is a melting pot of sports fans. It may as well be considered a Detroit/Michigan bar as well with fans of the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings often coming in. The owner of the Wings and Tigers visited Brown Dog Pizza as well as the owner of the Lions, Bill Ford.

Q: Is the Brown Dog dog “friendly”?

A: It’s obvious that we at The Brown Dog love our four legged furry friends, but unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the restaurant (this excludes Service Animals but not Companion or Assistance Animals as per Colorado Disabilities Law). Please park your pups outside during your meal. We appreciate your understanding.

Q: Why do you call your steak and cheese, YX?

A: The letters YX were the two-letter designation for those living in San Miguel County on license plates issued by the state. You could tell if someone was a native Telluridian by his or her license plate. The state did away with this identification system back in the 90s. Retired plates can be seen as decoration around Telluride–several adorn the walls of the Brown Dog.

Q: Do you take Reservations?

A: No, we don’t accept reservations. First come, First Serve! We do use an Android/Apple application called “No Wait”. If we have a waitlist at the time of your arrival to Brown Dog Pizza, we will take your name and cell phone number. Then you will have the option to walk around town and we will text you when your table is ready.

Q: Do you take Group Reservations?

A: Yes! Per person price and minimum bar tab. Executed contract with a 25% deposit. Please send us an email.

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