Q: What is the origin of the Detroit-style pizza?

A: In 1946 on the corner of Conant and Six Mile Road (Buddy’s Rendezvous) in Detroit, MI Gus Guerra crafted the world’s first Detroit Style Pizza. So, what makes Detroit Style Pizza so unique? It was Square! This is because in true Motor City fashion, authentic Detroit Style Pizza is baked in square, blue steel automotive parts pans. Traditionally deck ovens are used for baking at temperatures in excess of 550 degrees.

Q: Is the Brown Dog Detroit-style pizza square?

A: At the Brown Dog the pans are actually rectangular. A small is 8×10 and large is 10×17. Its distinctive shape comes from Detroit where the pizza-style was originally made in blue steel pans that once-held auto parts during manufacturing. The Brown Dog pans have are auto part free.

Q: Why is there a Detroit-style specialty pizza named the 3-1-3?

A: The pie is so-named for its all-Italian ingredients loaded onto a square Detroit-style pizza. It happens that 313 is the area code in Detroit. The pizza earned the Brown Dog 2nd place at the American Pizza Championships, September 2011 held at the Orlando Pizza Show in Florida.

Q: How many Detroit-style Pizzas do you make per a day?

A: Due to the dough rising in the pan for up to 4 hours we limit the number made per a day depending on the time of year and day of week. The number ranges between 100-200.

Q: What method does the Brown Dog use for its classic pizza?

A: In preparation, we use the Biga method developed in Italy to add complexity and flavor to our dough. This method requires a starter, allowing a mix of flour and water to rise first at room temperature for 24 hours. The Biga is then mixed with flour, yeast, malt, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt in a Hobart mixer, and then hand rolled. The hand rolled balls are placed in dough boxes and into a walk in refrigerator for 48 hours before we push them into the perfect crust.

Q: What styles of pizzas does the Brown Dog make?

A: The Brown Dog currently makes six styles of pizza: Rustic Medium Crust, Cracker Thin Crust, Detroit Square, a new Brooklyn Sicilian, Gluten Free Detroit Square and a new Gluten Free Roman Style.

Q: Do you make your own Gluten-free dough?

A: Yes, we make it daily and use it for our Roman and Detroit Style Gluten-free Pizzas, plus Gluten-free wraps. Ingredient list for pizza dough, calzone and wraps: brown rice flour, tapioca flour, guar gum, xanthan gum, eggs, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, fresh yeast, organic cane sugar, organic apple cider vinegar.

Q: Is your kitchen Gluten-free?

A: No, but we practice extreme caution in preparing our gluten-free orders and do our best to ensure a gluten-free product. Please be aware that there may be a chance of cross contamination as Brown Dog Pizza is not a gluten-free environment. We do not recommend our gluten-free menu to customers who have a low tolerance for gluten.

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